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Advice for Cleaning and Treating Wood Floors

4/6/2016 (Permalink)

Make sure you are using the correct product for your wood flooring. Using products meant for tile or laminate can actually hurt wood floors

Everyone wants the look of hardwood floors in their home.  They are more durable and last longer than most other types of flooring.  Very few people know how to properly take care of their wood floors so they are always at their best and brightest.

Here is a great link from that gives advice on taking care of them properly.

Spring Cleaning Advice: How to Clean and Treat Wood Floors Right

If you have had any water damage to your hardwood floors you can always call us anytime 708-239-1444 and we can come out and take a look at them for you.

Spring Home Project List

3/8/2016 (Permalink)

Tackle some small projects now so you can have some fun this summer!

Spring is right around the corner! We have survived winter once again! 

It is important to make sure your home is in good, safe working condition now so that you dont end up with bigger problems later.  Here are a few things you should tackle as the weather starts to get nicer and when summer finally comes, you can leave some time for fun! 

  1. Get Your Roof Inspected  ~ Winter can be brutal on roofs, so now is the time to bring someone in to do a close inspection, so you can address any issues before they become problems.  A roof inspeciton includes a thorough look at the entire roof and opinions about the conditions of the flashing, shingles or tile, valleys, trim, etc.  The problems the inspector will look for include moisture or wind damage, leakage, staining and streaking from mold or mildew and loose flashing or seals.  The inspector will also give you a list of any maintenance needed as well as an estimate for the work.  
  2. Check for Air Leaks and Seal Windows  ~ Drafty windows mean the AC will slip out and the hot summer air will slip in.  You want to get this problem solved before it gets too warm outside.  Make sure any caulking and weather stripping is intact.  You will want to pay attention to any windows that are exposed to snow, rain, or extreme sunlight.  This is also a good time to clean your windows inside and out. 
  3. Get an Air Conditioning Tune-Up ~ Spring is the time to change the filter, check for proper refrigerant levels, clean evaporator and condenser coils, calibrate the condenser and oil motors if needed.  Air conditioning maintenance can help prevent small problems from becoming big problems and you will want to do it now as with the dog days of summer comes longer waits and higher prices. 

None of this stuff will matter if you and your family are not safe.  After checking the other things, you should also check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as make sure the gauges on your fire extinguishers read 100 percent.  If you dont have a fire extinguisher, you can buy one at your local hardware store.  After you do so, make sure everyone in your family knows how to use it! 

Happy Spring!!